Depot River

These images were shot over the span eighteen months, from January 2014 to May 2014, on a particular bend in the Depot River right were it runs through Bellrock,  Ontario.  As it happened,  my seasonal visits to the river were bookended by the deaths of both my parents.  My husband and I were their sole caretakers during this time and it was difficult to peel myself away to travel the 1400 kilometers to visit the river to see what it might have to offer me.  I had taken on the project as something of a dare to myself, to keep myself working during a challenging time, and in end the river rewarded me with a deeply personal experience of the kind of consolation that can come from proximity to water.  This particular series documents the exact same patch of water as the river rounds the bend and proceeds down a small waterfall.  I fell in love with the drama of each second, how the shifting light and current and weather transformed a moment I had wanted to hold on to but couldn't.