The Los Angeles Center of Photography Third Annual Members' Exhibition and a Little Story about an Arctic Wedding

There's a lot of news to share and it's much better news than what you'll find on American TV  at the moment I am pleased to say, but for now I just want to mention this group show I will be a part of through the next month at the Los Angeles Center of Photography.  I am super excited to be in such good company with yet another Kotzebue image--this one of one of the strangest buildings in the village. I feel a little silly offering up a picture of a warehouse as part of a landscape series, but the structure  made me laugh every time I walked past it so I finally made a portrait of it one day last summer when I was in  northwestern Alaska for the wedding of two of my favorite people, a wedding that strangely enough I was responsible for documenting with my cameras (please note I did not nor will I ever refer to myself as a wedding photographer; I don't have the courage for that trade and I am in awe of those who can herd cats, perform advanced crisis counseling, and take pictures at the same time.)

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Center for Fine Art Photography

The Center for Fine Art Photography is a fantastic resource for anyone who loves fine art photography.  I loved being a part of the Center Forward show and loved even more meeting and sharing work with the photographers included this year.  I highly recommend the center as a place to visit regularly as the work featured in the galleries is as innovative and fresh as any I have seen in galleries anywhere.  What a thrill!  

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