Flower Power & Photograms


I'm so happy to have one of my photograms included in this year's Flower Power 2013 exhibit at the 1650 Gallery in Los Angeles. The image included in that show is from a series of photograms  of medicinal and edible tundra flora I worked on during  my downtime in Kotzebue this past summer.   As photograms require ultraviolet light for development I  thought perhaps I might put the nearly 24 hours of sun I had to work with  to use,  and so I had shipped the chemicals and papers I needed ahead of myself last July.  Between our trips into the Noatak Preserve I took long wandering walks in the tundra with my colleague  the wonderful poet Andrea Spofford and our new-found K-town friend Norma.  We collected  for tinctures, teas, and balms, gossiping about people we barely knew and eating more than our fair share of cloudberries and blueberries as we went.    Now that winter is closing in I finally have time to work through the images I made this past summer. I find myself waxing nostalgic over those long bright sun-filled nights I spent in that red house on Grayling, listening to KOTZ, catching up on local events through Tundra Talk, marveling at musical selections so insanely eclectic  and disparate the playlists opened up a whole new dimension of coolness. I'm still figuring out the intricacies of the process, and though I am acutely aware of how this project speaks to its originator Anna Atkins' magnificent work on the flora of the British seacoast in 1848, I am trying to find new ways of exploring the medium.  Most of the images I made last summer were first drafts of what I hope will become a far more layered project, but for now I am happy enough with some of this preliminary work to start sharing it.


small pgrams


small pgrams-3


small pgrams-5



"Artemisia" © Tama Baldwin, 2013

Aldo & Leonardo Wilderness Science and Art Collaboration


Aldo & Leonardo


Noatak Artists and Scientists sm


I have the great good fortune of spending a month this summer in arctic Alaska working as a photographer as part of the Aldo & Leonardo project,a wilderness science and art collaboration.  The work produced this summer will be featured next year as part of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of The Wilderness Act.  All the artists participating in Aldo & Leonardo are posting blogs from their respective wilderness biomes.  My occasional posts from the field can be found through the Aldo & Leonardo blog:


 "Fieldwork:  The Noatak National Preserve"

"Wilderness Inventory"   

"Empiricism and Its Discontents"

"Ten Pound Test"