Night Ops


blue hour-1

I've been home a week and I'm still not entirely sure what it was I experienced out there in that last little whiff of wilderness Iowa can claim.  It was dark.  I know that.   The dark of a new moon deep in the forest.   I've been sworn to secrecy on where we went and with whom and why, which is a little strange I know, but it was very much worth my time whether we ever find this mythical creature or not.  It's not every day you can meet up with a group of sober strangers and go for a very long walk in total darkness.  It was kind of amazing really.  I liked everyone I traveled with, but because we met in darkness and worked in darkness I failed to recognize them when we met again in daylight.  I set about making portraits of my travel companions as I experienced them--in darkness--a few of which are included in my janky little photo essay, the first of several on this subject:  The Believers.